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Capture the memories of your dives with the camera

Many years ago, underwater photography and video were only accessible to a few. Now, the equipment is available everywhere at affordable prices and you can capture your vacation memories, both photo and video.
Unfortunately, due not only to missing or wrong equipment, but also because of lack of experience, the quality that one expects does not always come out.
Not that the camera does not take good pictures, but the relevant knowledge for the user is the most important requirement.

Many organisations offer courses in underwater photography and video, and many instructors also have the training authority to give these courses, but that does not mean that these instructors can really take pictures or produce good video. You can follow a textbook and learn a bit or take the course with someone who really knows it.



We ourselves are experienced underwater photographers and videographers.  Two of our instructors are members of the Hungarian national team in underwater photo and video and have years of experience in underwater photography and video, both in the private sector and in championships. 

This is without doubt a good reason to take your course with us.

We offer the courses in three areas, photography, video and Actioncam. For the video and photography courses, we assume that you have your own camera with external flash and lights. For the Actioncam we have rental equipment available. For this we use the ActionPro X8, 4K capable, with an external wide-angle lamp.

Also, for the above mentioned courses we offer two possibilities. You can take the course of a diving organisation with us, and obtain their certificate, or we can offer a customised course just for you, the customer. 
We recommend this latter option, of course, because we can respond specifically to the weak points and the needs and objectives that our customers specially want to fulfil.

Just get in touch with us, we'll be happy to answer your questions and advise you and then we can individually arrange a course for you.

Thank you very much


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